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Dear AcknoLedger Community,

As an organization gearing up to be the Nervous System of Web 3.0 Digital Assets, we understand that making our development process more transparent and accessible to our community is paramount. With the evolution of our product, our approach to communicating about innovation to our partners and community members also deserves timely updates.

The AcknoLedger Product Update Briefings, to that effect, is a quarterly celebration of technology innovation designed to:

  • Share recent product updates: Discover how our product evolves and gain insights
  • Highlight our quarterly plans: Get a preview of what the team is working on and future “themes” for long-term development
  • Kick-start utilization of new features: Address the utilities and salient features of the product

Without further delay, let’s take you through the significant happenings at AcknoLedger.


In Phase 1, ANDROMEDA, we launch our NFT Search Engine to help map all the NFTs in the existing database. Think the same optimization that Google does for its web pages in Web 2.0, wherein you enter relevant descriptions or keywords and find all the NFTs related to them.

With this, one gets access to all the NFTs of our partner metaverses to validate their credibility, thereby serving as social proof.

How do our Partners benefit?

Our NFT search engine API enables the mapping and indexing of their NFTs, inclusive of all the partner Metaverses, Marketplaces, and gaming NFTs.

In addition, they benefit from free traffic directed to their ecosystem once they integrate our NFT search engine, boosting their user base and revenue.

How do the Users benefit?

Users willing to purchase NFTs get to make well-informed decisions about why and which NFT they are buying. The AcknoLedger Search Engine helps them understand the different characteristics of the NFTs in detail.

As a user, you can tap into the different Metaverses through our platform and buy NFTs basis their utility and purpose, and not simply buy into the hype.

Utility of ACK in NFT Search Engine

As we advance into Phase 2, Triangulum, we would start optimization by inviting bids from the various Metaverses to integrate our NFT search engine into their ecosystem by paying some fees, which would be paid in ACK tokens.

It will allow placing a bid for prominent placement of your NFTs in the search results, wherein the highest bid gets a higher standing in user search results. Users could also choose to share their private data, the revenue generated from which would be split with them.

Lending and Borrowing NFTs

Additionally, we have also partnered with known names in the DeFi industry, the benefits of which will be available to our partners and users. They will get the facility of lending and borrowing NFTs and other digital assets through our partner DeFi ecosystems besides having their NFT holdings serve as collateral.

Also, some percentage of the revenue generated from our monetization layer will be used to buy back and burn ACK tokens in the future, which will help control the token circulation and benefit potential investors.

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