Introducing Chandresh Aharwar, Advisor, AcknoLedger

1 min readJun 7, 2021
Chandresh Aharwar

Chandresh Aharwar is the Co-founder and CEO of UniLend Finance. He is a proud contributor to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Chandresh’s expertise lies in token economics modeling, exchanges, media outreach, global community expansion & business development.

His crypto journey began in late 2016 when he began exploring the blockchain space. After six months, he knew that it would change the traditional finance world, so he started investing heavily in new projects and guiding multiple projects on tokenization, market, and strategy.

He has experience in Project Management, Customer life cycle Management, Process Improvement, Best Practice Implementation, Business Analytics, Regulatory Compliance, Digital KYC, Software, and Document Life cycle Management.

Chandresh has enabled POS applications for the D-KYC-based customer acquisition process and worked on e-KYC Aadhaar based customer authentication through Biometric and IRIS.

His vast networking in the crypto space and his ideas will surely be a beneficial and learning experience for us. It’s with great pleasure we welcome him on board as an Advisor for AcknoLedger.




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