ACKNOLEDGER x Crypto_Differ AMA Session Recap from the 1st of December’21

11 min readDec 5, 2021

Hello, AcknoLedger Community!
The AMA session with Crypto_Differ took place on the 1st of December, 2021.
In this AMA Recap, we will summarise the most interesting points for you.

AMA Session Recap for the session happened @ 10:00 AM UTC on

The session was divided into 2 parts with a total crypto reward pool of 100 BUSD

Part 1

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:29]
Hello, everyone!😁

We are glad to meet here:

Yash Dahenkar, CEO AcknoLedger @ydcurious

Kuntal Ganguly, CSO AcknoLedger @KT1988

Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 15:29]
Hi Guys,

Glad to be here🔥🤝

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:30]
Welcome, thank you for taking your time today!

KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 15:30]
Glad to be a part of this wonderful community 🙏

Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 15:30]
Thanks for inviting us @mykocryptodiffer

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:30]
okie let’s start with the introduction

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:30]
Q1: Can you introduce yourself to our community?

Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 15:31]

KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 15:31]

Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 15:34]
🔥Yash Dahenkar, Co-founder and CEO of AcknoLedger here

I have been in Crypto Space since 2016. Before starting AcknoLedger, I started a company called Bitgenie which focuses on emerging technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

At Bitgenie, I created a really interesting product called “Bitgenie Research” where we mapped and indexed more than 250k+ market research reports over the internet.

Bitgenie Research is actually seed to the AcknoLedger’s idea.

I also likes to educate people on Blockchain and Crypto and till date I have taught more than 4000+ professionals and students across the Globe.

✨I’m also Advisor to Saycheese, Harmony Launcher, FanAnywhere, Space Falcon, and Deliq Finance

Very excited to build the Future of Crypto and Metaverse

KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 15:34]

I am Kuntal Ganguguly one of the Co-founder and CSO of AcknoLedger. I have been managing strategy and operations of one of the Japanese organizations in India. I am also into support of silicon valley based VC fund.

I have been in Crypto Space since 2016 and personally invested in more than 30+ Crypto projects as an Angel Investor.

I have an amazing understanding of how the crypto space works and how to make a project successful. 😊

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:34]

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:34]
Q2: Can you introduce Acknoledger?

KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 15:37]
AcknoLedger works on the M2D model that consists of Mapping, Monetizing, and Distribution.

In Phase 1 of our product, we will map and index all the NFTs across all the infrastructure projects. Once our indexing of NFTs is complete, we will deploy a plagiarism engine on top of those NFTs. Whenever anyone publishes any NFT that is already present in the ecosystem, the plagiarism engine will raise a flag. It will also share the plagiarism percentage. Ackno Plagiarism Engine will be helpful in a lot of other things too. We cannot stop people from publishing plagiarised NFTs but we can inform them that the particular NFT is already present. This will help a lot of NFT marketplaces and platforms.

Brief intro about the 3 foundational pillars of AcknoLedger:

Mapping assets: Indexing all the NFTs across all the gaming, metaverses, NFT marketplaces, so that NFT collectors can leverage the insights for an informed decision making.

Monetizing: Helping existing Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 content platforms to monetize their content as NFTs through our APIs and channels.

Distribution: Marketing and distributing the content across multiple metaverses by tracking-mapping interoperability and exploring trading opportunities for institutional and retail investors.

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:38]
nice one

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:38]
Q3: Let`s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans?

KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 15:41]
🌟Important Milestones for AcknoLedger🌟

🎯Conducting Successful IGO/IDO ✅
( Completed )

🎯Launching Phase 1 of the Product

🎯Partnering with some big names in the Crypto Space

🎯Conducting Successful NFT Airdrop for AcknoLedger Token holders

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:42]

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:43]
let’s get to tcommunity part

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:43]
❗️ AMA structure and rules: 👥

- Community questions part starts after the guest/guests finishes/finish answering the introduction questions asked by the moderator. Moderator unmutes the chat to allow up to 100 messages and mute it.
- Each person is allowed to write only one message containing 2 questions, violators will be disqualified from participating in the reward distribution.
- Copy-pasted questions from previous AMAs are strictly forbidden, violators will be disqualified from participating in the reward distribution.
- All questions&concerns regarding AMA members should send in dm to @cryptodiffer_admin
- Important, please don`t write to other CryptoDiffer team members, they won`t be able to help you.
- Winners are chosen by Guests.

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:43]
I will open the chat at 10:14 UTC, check the exact time on

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 15:44]
@KT1988 @ydcurious please choose the questions you like and answer them! If you wish to have additional rounds, just let me know

KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 15:44]
✨ Milestones we have hit so far and the future developments you can see in coming days 🚀🚀

Vision: We are able to clearly articulate our Vision and build a strong story around it.
Team: We have a solid team of hustlers who work day in and out and make sure that we execute on time. Everyone is driven. We are backed by an amazing set of Advisors.
Funding: We have closed funding from 30+ VC firms and well-known Influencers and Kols
Product: We are on track to deliver phase 1 of the product in Q1 2022
Marketing: We got a solid execution plan to create hype in the market and spread awareness about the project. Join our Telegram Channel to know more.

Some other strategies which we are focusing on are:
Content marketing
Partnerships with Key Gaming Fraternities
Social Media Marketing
Participation in Industry events
Public relations… 🔥

Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 15:45]
[In reply to Myko (CryptoDiffer)]

Ques 1: 👽 Crypto Jiren 👽, [01–12–2021 15:44]
I read that you are planning to launch the AcknoLedger Genesis NFTs, when are these NFTs scheduled to be launched? How important will they be? What will be the utility of these NFTs within your ecosystem? What benefits will they bring to their holders?

Ans 1: Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 15:48]
[In reply to CRYPTOLINE]
Our API will go live in 2–3 weeks time for Metaverses and Gaming NFT projects

They can index and map all the NFTs in their Ecosystem using AcknoLedger and also integrate our NFT search engine in their platform. This will help them save a lot of time, resources, and infrastructure cost.

KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 15:49]
[In reply to 👽 Crypto Jiren 👽]
Hey. Great. Yes there are surprises planned

Well AcknoLedger certainly coming up with Genesis NFT and have plans around it which will be announced sooner 🔥

They are limited Generational NFTs that will be having unique utilities across the platform. Its gonna be really be one of vital aspects 😁

Holders will not only have benefits on price appreciation but a lot of use cases around it.

Ques 2: Habibi, [01–12–2021 15:43]
✅ On your website you mention that you have a UNIVERSAL CONTENT NUMBERING SCHEME (UCNS), can you give us more details on how this scheme is structured? How does it work? What are the advantages it brings to both users and your ecosystem?

Ans 2: Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 15:49]
[In reply to Habibi]
The most important key elements which we are bringing in our product is the UCNS System.

🔥Our Best & Unique Feature:
Universal Content Number Scheme(UCNS) is used to create an Ecosystem to map all the NFTs across the Metaverses. It is the World’s first decentralized nomenclature system that will be adopted and used as a Universal Standard. UCNS will be used to verify the authenticity of NFTs across the Digital Universe.

UCNS standards will be set and driven by the ACKNO Governance Committee — formed by industry experts across the content landscape.

Traditional content identification processes — ISBN, ISRC, ISSN, DOI cater to specific content and are managed by Centralized process. There is often no correlation between these identifiers.
UCNS will adopt a decentralized approach to provide a unique identifier for any content that is validated across Metaverses and NFT platforms.
AcknoLedger will collaborate with the current NFT and Metaverse Ecosystem Partners to deploy UCNS solutions to their existing Digital Assets.

Ques 3: Smart, [01–12–2021 15:43]
One of the goals of AcknoLedger for 2022 is to form partnership with at least 1000+ companies. This will be huge. But how do you intend to make this a reality and what impact do you think having such amount of partnership will have on AcknoLedger? Also, can you tell us about the partnerships that AcknoLedger have sealed so far?

Ans 3: Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 15:52]
[In reply to Smart]
AcknoLedger is building the Infrastructure for Metaverse🔥

In order to become a successful infrastructure project, we need to partner with as many companies as possible and help them integrate our Tech Stack so that they develop their product faster.

Our Partnerships will also help us build a moat in a long term🚀

We want to be the Nervous System of Web3.0 Digital Assets

Ques 4: Keymer, [01–12–2021 15:44]
Could you tell us why you plan to be the “Nervous System of digital assets”? What relationship does the platform you seek to create really have with the central nervous system of human beings?

Ans 4: KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 15:54]
[In reply to Keymer]
The way nervous system acts as the backbone of connection and helps in functionalities .. Similarly AcknoLedger aims to grow as central backbone connecting various Metaverses via its USP that is UCNS which is world’s first decentralised nomenclature given to Digital assets… 👍

We are an indexing and aggregating platform all together that will bridge the gap between existing and future Metaverses
Not only from EU perspective but from B2B view points too. 🥂

Ques 5: Memo, [01–12–2021 15:43]
I could see that each NFT game has its own Metaverse, but are they really totally different from each other at the algorithm or development level, making them incompatible? Or really Ackno won’t be able to distribute assets to any Metaverse just because they are all compatible?

Ans 5: Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 15:54]
[In reply to Memo]
This is exactly the problem.

In phase 2, we will be announcing Interoperability Guidelines for Metaverses.

This guideline will help Metaverse create NFTs that are interoperable

Ques 6: Ugur Alkoç, [01–12–2021 15:44]
“Helping existing Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 content platforms to monetize their content as NFTs through our APIs and channels.”

Does Acknoledger actually work just as a helper or also a seller?

Ans 6: Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 15:56]
[In reply to Ugur Alkoç]
We are enabler

Ques 7: Lalaforyou, [01–12–2021 15:44]
By creating the decentralized UNCS, are you trying to phase out existing traditional standard organisations like ISBN, ISSN and the likes? In addition, Can any ordinary user belong to the Ackno Governance Committee Or is it just reserved for industry experts?

Ans 7: Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 15:57]
[In reply to Lalaforyou]
We are not trying to phase out anyone.

We are building UCNS for Web 3.0 Digital Assets

Ques 8: Aminat, [01–12–2021 15:43]
As a Global Consortium that maps, m and distributes Web 3.0 Digital Assets Seamlessly across all the Metaverses and Gaming NFTs. Can you offer a consultancy service to other projects willing to use your solution. What is your charges and who do I need to discuss with ?

Ans 8: KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 15:57]
[In reply to Aminat]
We would certainly generate interoperability guidelines and projects coming on Ackno platform can plug play APIs…

There certainly no charges as of now as we pick up but if there are any incubation charges. It will be picked in native ACK tokens and who knows we may burn 50% of it. 😎

Part 2

KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 15:59]
A lot of Questions which we may not be able to answer

Kindky join in our social asap

KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 15:59]
AcknoLedger Official Twitter —
AcknoLedger Medium —
Official TG group:
Announcement TG group:

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 16:01]
i will open a 2nd round in a minute

Ques 1: Debelu, [01–12–2021 16:02]
What is M2D Model on ACKNOLEDGER? How interesting is it and how it works? Can you tell me two great features of M2D Model?ACKNOLEDGER is a metaverse aggregator, do you only map and index NFTs?

Ans 1: Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 16:05]
[In reply to Debelu]
Brief intro about the 3 foundational pillars of AcknoLedger/ M2D Model:

🔥Mapping assets: Indexing all the NFTs across all the gaming, metaverses, NFT marketplaces, so that NFT collectors can leverage the insights for an informed decision making.

🔥Monetizing: Helping existing Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 content platforms to monetize their content as NFTs through our APIs and channels.

🔥Distribution: Marketing and distributing the content across multiple metaverses by tracking-mapping interoperability and exploring trading opportunities for institutional and retail investors.

Ques 2: zafer metin, [01–12–2021 16:02]
🔵 Do we need to be professionals or have significant experience like your team members to monitor NFTs through UCNS? Can anyone benefit from UCNS to get information about many features?

🔵 You have announced that DEMELZA HAYS, head of research at Cointelegraph, has joined your team. Were you happy to have him among you as AcknoLedger Consultant and in which areas will he serve for Acknoledger?


Ans 2: KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 16:06]
[In reply to zafer metin]
Let me explain on this.

First No you need not to be any expert


We envision to mapp monitize and distributes the Web 3.0 Digital assets across all Metaverses and NFT marketplaces via indexing and aggregating the players in ecosystem and then running analytical at later stages

This will help Individual to evaluate buy and hold assets based on informed decisions such as asset utilities, scarcity and social proofs, yields and staking utilities, lending borrowings. Interoperability and related arbitrage opportunities

Next it will open up Ecosystem partners to 1000x potential new landscape and can follow Interoperability guidelines and help commercializing there platforms by joint events promotion or say content or asset airdrops campaigns and by running ads etc

In short AcknoLedger aims to be “ Google “ and “ Amazon “ for WEB3.0 so we call ourselves as Gateway to WEB3.0 Metaverses.

We act as nervous system.

We are obliged that Miss Demilza is advising us on aspects of progress 😇

Ques 3: Aykut, [01–12–2021 16:02]
📍I saw that Ambassador program. Could you tell us about your ambassador program? What is the role of the ambassadors, what advantages will the ambassadors who join the Acknoledger ecosystem get?

📍How can I join AcknoLedger’s Ambassador Program? Can everyone be an Acknoledger ambassador? What are your terms?

Ans 3: KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 16:07]
[In reply to Aykut]

Yes we are running AcknoLedger’s Ambassador Program.

Currently its oversubscribed but we will open again

You need to study our project and help in growth Journey and will be rewarded 🤑

Ques 4: Ellen Anita🥰, [01–12–2021 16:02]
🍒❤️🍒❤️🍒Is there a reference system in Acknoledger? Can we invite other users with our referral so that everyone can benefit from Acknoledger opportunities?

Ans 4: KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 16:08]
[In reply to Ellen Anita🥰]
Perfect. We will soon run a campaign 🔥

Please follow our Announcements and join our socials

KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 16:10]

Myko (CryptoDiffer), [01–12–2021 16:10]
Thanks for the AMA!

KT | CSO AcknoLedger | UTC + 5:30, [01–12–2021 16:11]
Happy to be part 😊

Yash ACK, [01–12–2021 16:11]
Thanks for inviting us, 🙏

zafer metin, [01–12–2021 16:11]
@ydcurious @KT1988 excellent answers Thanks for AMA
Thank you all efforts @mykocryptodiffer 🔥

Aykut, [01–12–2021 16:11]
Thanks for AMA @mykocryptodiffer @ydcurious and @KT1988

Furst, [01–12–2021 16:14]
Thank you for the AMA….very enlightening

Debelu, [01–12–2021 16:16]
👍 like this acknoledger idea

Nuşirevan, [01–12–2021 16:27]
Great AMA thanks

EVER ICE, [01–12–2021 16:33]
Great AMA

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