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Acknoledger takes immense pride to announce Scorpio VC as one of the leading investors & strategic partners.

Scorpio VC— Scorpio VC is an innovative, flexible, and young asset management organization with team members consisting of Generation XYZ.
The main business is HK stocks, US stock trading, short-term quantitative funds, (still applying for the A-share license), digital asset funds, blockchain product development, supernode operations, e-commerce, cultural communications, real estate, real economy projects. It holds a number of companies.

Platform Businesses of Scorpio VC

Financial Investment- The experience of the team in Internet technology has been exerted in the financial market. In the A-share, Hong Kong stocks, and US stock markets, via AI and big data technology, a series of strategic plans, such as quantification, macro-strategy trading, and the issuance of private equity funds, have been established. Maximize the benefits for customers based on safety risk control in the first place.

Venture Capital- Years of experience in the Internet and e-commerce industry have enabled us to better understand the journey of entrepreneurship. since 2018, we have gradually expanded the foreign investment to develop the Venture capital investment in the field of Internet and e-commerce, mainly based on our own funds and partly customer funds.

Blockchain Investment- we carry out digital asset-winding on some assets or potential venture projects, and solve financing difficulties or industry resource problems for SMEs, increase liquidity, and accelerate the development of the project. Meanwhile, the technology development of blockchain digital assets, quantification, private placement, distribution, trading, and operating is at the service.

Entity Investment- Consist of a small part entity assets and overseas real estate, catering, entertainment, hotels, etc., providing stable asset income for conservative customers.

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