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AcknoLedger takes immense pride to announce MahaDAO as one of the leading investor & strategic partners.
MahaDAO is a decentralised organization that aims to revolutionizing money. MahaDAO is a community focused DeFi project empowering billions to create timeless value through the ARTH token, the world’s first valuecoin.

MahaDAO, which is releasing ARTH, a decentralized non-depreciating algorithmic token, which derives its value from a basket of uncorrelated assets, the relative weights of which are automatically adjusted by automatic buying and selling in response to changes in the price of each individual asset relative to the others.

In this section, we share some of the key fundamentals that make the $MAHA unique from other projects.

  1. $MAHA is used to fuel the liquidity for $ARTH The MahaDAO stablecoin platform is amongst the first of it’s kind to have liquidity farming built directly into the protocol, creating the world’s first incentivized stablecoin. Those providing liquidity to create $ARTH will be earning $MAHA tokens as rewards.
  2. $MAHA is used to pay the stability fees for $ARTH As more and more collateral is deposited into a vault to mint $ARTH; A fee is paid by the vault owner if he/she wishes to.
  3. $MAHA is used to make key decisions to the direction of $ARTH As a governance token, $MAHA token holders will get the ability to vote on various parameters that’ll govern $ARTH such as the stability fee, risk parameters of various collaterals, reward distributions, etc.
  4. $MAHA is bought-back and burnt as $ARTH adoption grows As the adoption of $ARTH grows more and more, $MAHA is bought back and burnt off to reduce the supply of $MAHA tokens and pay an indirect dividend to all existing $MAHA token holders.

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