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AcknoLedger is proud to announce a partnership with SolChicks, a play-to-earn game on the Solana blockchain.

With the NFT market experiencing a boom across the globe, NFT gaming has caught the attention of gamers and artists alike. AcknoLedger is, in pursuit of bridging this gap, teaming up with an innovative project, SolChicks to bring this P2E gaming to the masses.

How does SolChicks gameplay work?

Built around the adorable SolChick NFT Collectibles, SolChicks is the leading NFT game created by world-class developers. Players battle each other one-on-one or compete against a computer adversary.

Players can earn $CHICKS from their gameplay and breed new SolChicks NFTs by spending $CHICKS.

SolChicks team comprises high profile business management and a blue-chip game development team that has worked on games such as MapleStory, Dungeon Fighter, Tera, PlayerUnknownBattlegrounds, and Heroes of New Earth.

What Makes This Partnership so Valuable

AcknoLegder, aiming to be the nervous system across all the metaverses and games, works together with Metaverse and NFT gaming projects to help bring more players into the space, which is in line with SolChick’s vision.

With the AcknoLedger Global NFT Search Engine nearing its launch, we plan to map and index the NFTs and digital assets of all our partner metaverses, including Solchicks and other communities and make their details available through NSO (NFT Search Optimization).

This would not only help the gamers make well-informed decisions about the NFTs they intend to possess but also, in the long run, make them available across our partner metaverses.

This partnership aims to make NFTs more accessible to everyone with an enticing game for every generation.

About Solchicks

SolChicks is a leading Play-to-Earn (P2E) fantasy game to launch in the Solana blockchain. Built around the adorable SolChick NFT collectibles, SolChicks are the main characters that players will be using as they explore the gaming metaverse.

Each SolChick is uniquely crafted and designed by our graphic experts. The supply of SolChicks is only limited to 10,000 and categorized based on the rarity of the design and randomized hidden traits.

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About AcknoLedger:

AcknoLedger is a Global Consortium that maps, monetize, and distributes Web 3.0 Digital Assets Seamlessly across all the Metaverses and Gaming NFTs. We envision it to be the Nervous System of Web 3.0 Digital Assets.

AcknoLedger indexes all the NFTs across all the gaming, metaverses, and NFT marketplaces so that NFT collectors can leverage the insights for informed decision-making. In addition, the market distributes the content across multiple metaverses by tracking and mapping interoperability and exploring trading opportunities for institutional and retail investors.

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