2 min readFeb 6, 2022

The AcknoLedger Genesis NFT collection is slated to arrive later this month. For now, the exact date and minting price are tightly under wraps. However, we regularly roll out all the announcements to keep you updated with the latest happenings.

Each NFT represents a unique component of the broader AcknoLedger ecosystem, bringing with it an incredible array of uses and utility. For example, each item in the collection provides access to our partner metaverses.

Our Genesis NFTs will unlock special features in the Metaverses and Games. These features will be available to the ACK NFT Hodlers in the AcknoLedger ecosystem.

Imagine yourself playing Call of Duty, where you possess a highly advanced gun and skin, and you want to use the same in, let’s say, PUBG. AcknoLedger, being the Nervous System of various metaverse and games, aims to achieve something very similar to this.

ACK Genesis NFTs would let you use such inter-metaversal features as an added utility in our partner metaverses. Owning a certain ACK Genesis NFT would let you use the same features in multiple metaverses. In simpler terms, if you own a Genesis NFT, which packs a feature of enabling a specific Gun in a particular Metaverse, you can use the same skin in another AcknoLedger partner metaverse without owning the NFT for it.

This would, in a way, give the ACK Genesis NFT Holders an edge over others.

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