2 min readFeb 4, 2022

The AcknoLedger Genesis NFT collection is slated to arrive later this month. For now, the exact date and minting price are tightly under wraps. However, we are regularly rolling out all the announcements to keep you updated with the latest happenings.

Each NFT represents a unique component of the wider AcknoLedger ecosystem, bringing with it an incredible array of uses and utility. For example, each item in the collection provides access to our partner metaverses.

Our Genesis NFTs will unlock special features in the Metaverses and Games. These features will be available to the ACK NFT Hodlers in the AcknoLedger ecosystem.

Just imagine you are driving a car in a metaverse and you want a brand new music system for it. Ideally, you would have to possess an NFT of that specific metaverse that gives you the service of enabling or upgrading the stereo for your car. ACK Genesis NFTs on the other hand will be coming up with exclusive features which would give you elevated access over other NFT HODLERS.

Possessing an ACK Genesis NFT will unlock those special features without owning the specific NFTs giving users an edge in accessing features across the metaverse.

About AcknoLedger

AcknoLedger is a Global Consortium that maps, monetizes, and distributes Web 3.0 Digital Assets seamlessly across all the Metaverses and Games. We envision it to be the Nervous System of Web 3.0 Digital Assets.

AcknoLedger indexes all the NFTs across all the gaming, metaverses, and NFT marketplaces so that NFT collectors can leverage the insights for informed decision-making. In addition, the market distributes the content across multiple metaverses by tracking and mapping interoperability and exploring trading opportunities for institutional and retail investors.

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