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Dear AcknoLedger Community!!

After an overwhelming response to our #ACKGenesisNFT waitlist, we are excited to announce the whitelisted addresses eligible for our Genesis NFTs minting.

So what exactly is AcknoLedger’s Genesis NFT?

AcknoLedger Genesis NFT is the first of its kind Multi Metaverse Interoperable NFT. These NFTs will get the first priority for enabling interoperability.

As AcknoLedger is building the Nervous System for Web 3.0 Digital Assets, AcknoLedger Genesis NFTs will have an early movers advantage.

There will be three Generations of AcknoLedger Genesis NFTs:

🎖Generation 3️⃣

🎖Generation 2️⃣

🎖Generation 1️⃣

🛸AcknoLedger Genesis NFTs — Gen 1:

🛡There will be a total of 10,000 NFTs in the first generation of AcknoLedger Genesis NFTs.

🛸AcknoLedger Genesis NFTs — Gen 2:

There will be a maximum of 5,000 NFTs in the second generation of AcknoLedger Genesis NFT Collection. In order to mint Generation 2 NFT, you need to burn two Generation 1 NFTs.

🛸AcknoLedger Genesis NFTs — Gen 3:

🛡There will be a maximum of 3,333 NFTs in the third generation of AcknoLedger Genesis NFT Collection. In order to mint Generation 3 NFT, you need to burn one Generation 1 NFT and one Generation 2 NFT.

🪄Superiotity Index:

Generation 3 > Generation 2 > Generation 1

✅Every Generation will have its own benefits. In order to own all the 3 generations of NFTs, you need to mint at least six Generation 1 NFTs.

✅A percentage of Trading fees generated in the secondary market will be distributed between the NFT holders.

🕹️AcknoLedger Genesis NFT Utility🕹️

🎖️Users will be able to lend/borrow Digital Assets by staking ACK NFTs

🎖️ACK NFTs will unlock special features in the Metaverses and Games.

🎖️All the ACK NFT holders will be eligible to receive the future airdrops and it will be based on the superiority of the ACK NFTs under the Metaverse collaboration campaign.

🎖️As more Metaverses become part of the ACK Ecosystem, the utility of the ACK NFTs will increase with special use cases

🎖️Owning ACK Genesis NFTs will give you early movers advantage and arbitrage opportunities while trading NFTs across Metaverses

🎖️ACK’s Genesis NFTs will get the first priority for Interoperability across the majority of Metaverses

Out of the huge number of responses that we received, we have whitelisted 285 lucky users who will be eligible to mint the NFTs.

Check out the link below to find yourself.

The NFTs for the whitelisted addresses will be available at a price of 0.99 $BNB whereas the remaining NFTs, if any, will be publically minted at a price of 1.5 $BNB

The minting dates will be announced very soon.

Please stay connected for more updates and join our socials if you haven’t already.





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