2 min readFeb 14, 2022

The non-fungible token (NFT) hype, which started earlier this year, has taken the world by storm. Gaming, digital art, sports leagues, and many other industries slowly adopt NFTs as core businesses.

There is now blockchain interoperability, allowing users to swap tokens and assets from different blockchains instantly easily. But, is it possible to have Interoperability between non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?

The answer is YES. AcknoLedger, in pursuit of becoming the Nervous system of all Metaverses and games, is coming up with our Genesis NFT Collection with an added utility of Interoperability.

So what does NFT interoperability mean?

The metaverse is the natural transition after Web 2.0, as players look for new opportunities to interact online. A migration period is a direct result of people spending an increasing amount of time playing video games online, setting the expectations that where they go, new aspects of society, the economy, and the world as we know it will follow. As a result, games have evolved to include more complex gameplay, and more realistic scenarios, even allowing players to earn money in exchange for their gameplay, a model known as “play-to-earn.”

The assets and other items in these metaverses are NFTs that are currently limited to the metaverse they are used in.

AcknoLedger is going to bridge this gap by allowing Interoperability of NFTs. AcknoLedger is building an ecosystem of metaverses where players or users can use their NFTs in our partner metaverses and ecosystem, enabling their Interoperability.

In the current scenario, AcknoLedger is coming up with an NFT collection, the ACK Genesis NFTs, which can be used and traded across our partner metaverses and ecosystems, facilitating the Holders to use different features associated with them in different metaverses.

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