2 min readFeb 11, 2022

Opportunities for arbitrage in the NFT domain are hard to come by but not impossible. So, where do NFT arbitrage opportunities come into play? And how can anyone possibly value these digital collectibles in the first place?

Well, NFTs have been a real hot topic since mid-2021, and this is a fact that we can’t deny. The amount of money that has flown in the NFT market is overwhelming. Initially, it was just for fun or, more so, a luxury to possess and flaunt, but since the time Metaverse has come into the picture, NFTs with actual use cases have entered the market. These NFTs, which were just a priced possession some time back, have unique use cases depending on the metaverse that they are being used in, making their value increase manifolds.

But the fact still remains that one metaverse has its specific NFTs that can be used just in that metaverse. The arbitrage opportunities are currently minimal. There will be multiple metaverses in the coming years, and NFTs will be traded across them.

AcknoLedger, being the Nervous System of Metaverses, is going to bring a solution to this. The ACK Genesis NFTs come with the added utility of getting arbitrage opportunities while trading NFTs across metaverses. In simpler terms, you have an arbitrage opportunity if you possess an NFT with a value X in a certain metaverse and a value Y in another metaverse.

The ACK Genesis NFTs also give you an early mover advantage in the metaverse space. AcknoLedger is partnering with some renowned names in the Metaverse industry. We plan to create a nervous system where our Genesis NFTs can be used across metaverses. This gives ACK Genesis NFT holders an edge over others and an advantage of being an early adopter.

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