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We have been talking about NFTs and how they are changing the way people and companies interact with blockchain technology. The world has witnessed the expansion of NFTs and the investors’ interest in this technology. Tweets, penguins, punks, and many other NFTs have sold for very high prices.

AcknoLedger, in pursuit of becoming the Nervous System of Web 3.0 Digital Assets, is going to step into the world of NFTs. We will be launching our own Genesis NFT collection very soon.

AcknoLedger Genesis NFTs will be the first of their kind Multi Metaverse Interoperable NFTs. We will be coming up with three Generations of NFTs, with Gen 3 NFTs being superior in utility and rarity to the others.

Here we will shed some light on one of the major utilities of ACK Genesis NFTs.

Ability to Lend and Borrow digital assets by staking ACK NFTs

AcknoLedger has partnered with some highly renowned names in the DeFi industry. ACK Genesis NFT HODLers will get the ability to LEND their holdings on our partner DeFi platforms. They will be able to lend the NFTs directly to the borrowers or to the partner itself. The users could lend the NFT to the DeFi platform and get paid in tokens.

The users can also BORROW NFTs from other lenders on the platform, facilitating their usage without actually owning the same.

On our partner platforms, users will get to STAKE their NFTs and get attractive yields and rewards. The NFTs could be locked for the desired period on the DeFi platform accordingly generating the yield.

Note: Staking is subject to the offering of the DeFi platform. It might change or be updated in the future based on the use case.

AcknoLedger, as we have envisioned, will give its users the platform to use their Genesis NFTs across multiple metaverses. Become a proud HODLER of our Genesis NFTs, and get a plethora of benefits.

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